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our latest
Survive to Thrive
Energy and efficiency
for Genesis

How Genesis got real-time reporting, removed one million pieces of paper out of its LPG business processes, and will reduce operating costs by 10% through collaboration with Datacom. 

Read this article for insights on the Process Optimisation space highlighted in the Survive To Thrive: Digital Recovery Framework.   

Survive to Thrive
wins for Nelson

Nelson City Council partners with Datacom to create a real-time data platform to boost environmental sustainability and enhance city services.

Read this article for insights in the Citizen / Customer Centricity space highlighted in the Survive To Thrive: Digital Recovery Framework.  


Survive to Thrive
We were
jet packs

...and hover boards (that actually hover). 

Datacom has produced the  Survive to Thrive: Digital Recovery Framework to help businesses understand change and anticipate areas needing focus in the short and medium terms. This article, by consulting director Greg Whitham, is part of a series of associated insights and research.

Supply chain
Panic in the supply
chain: controlling the
oscillation (part two)

In the final part, Datacom’s Head of Supply Chain, Dave Ffowcs-Williams, reveals further insight into the effects of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s supply chain and ways your business could survive and recover.

Supply Chain
Panic in the supply
chain: controlling the
oscillation (part one)

Datacom’s Head of Supply Chain, Dave Ffowcs-Williams, has interviewed several leading supply chain managers to give you an insight into how much COVID-19 has impacted the industry and why, at the back of the revolving conveyor belt of panic and low stock, hope still remains.   

International Women’s Day 2020
Teresa Pollard,
helping foster our
Māori economy in the regions


As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we are celebrating women at Datacom who are doing some inspirational work in the industry, in the community and in the business.

Teresa Pollard is one of those, maintaining a singular passion - enabling her fellow Māori to achieve their potential.  

Digital Transformation
Agility and the
Three Paradoxes
of Transformation

How agile is your organisation?

Datacom’s Head of Product and Service Strategy, James Stainton, explores three paradoxes of transformation and why agility is the only truly sustainable, competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation
Customer centricity
alone won’t
save you

Just like everyone believes that they should be “more organised”, all organisations want to be “more customer-centric”. 

But as even the greatest customer-centric exemplars discover – this alone is not enough! 

Greg Whitham, Datacom’s Advisory Services Consulting Director explores how customer centricity alone won’t save you.