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Saving lives
with world
first tech

The revolutionary ‘OrganMatch’ system aims to help thousands of seriously ill Australians awaiting lifesaving transplants.

Matching organs in time

It’s been just over 60 years since the world’s first organ transplant took place. In that short time, procedures have become safer and more common due to advancements in medical technology.

However there are still many patients desperate for an organ transplant. Today, there are over 1,400 seriously ill Australians who are waiting for one.

Australia has an increasing number of people who could benefit from organ or tissue transplantation due to a rising prevalence of chronic disease. Without organ donations and a system to match a donor with a recipient, patients who need a transplant will continue to suffer.

In Australia, the organ transplantation process is managed using the National Organ Matching System (NOMS) and delivered by a collaborative effort between the independent state laboratories in WA and Queensland, and the Blood Services laboratories in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Currently, NOMS uses outdated technologies that not only rely on manual processes but are also no longer able to keep pace with the urgency and immediacy required to match recipients with donor organs.

NOMS needed a modern, scalable and flexible system which used state-of-the-art technology.

OrganMatch is a revolutionary system that provides improved organ matching for patients awaiting lifesaving transplants. OrganMatch gives clinicians access to connected, efficient services through a sophisticated online portal, giving them, for the first time, real-time information to help make critical decisions. This opens up the possibility of OrganMatch-as-a-Service being offered not just to Australia, but also the rest of the world.

The revolutionary lifesaving state-of-the-art technology

Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-based platform, Datacom developed, migrated (rewrite) and support the OrganMatch application and AWS platform. The organ matching system integrates multiple 3rd party ISV providers with AWS (Octopus, Trend Micro, Sumo Logic, CPM, SonarQube, Dynatrace) for the matching of patients with donors. Medical practitioners interact with the system via a custom UI running in IIS.

The architecture had security front of mind, leveraging CloudFront and WAF to provide DDoS and Layer 7 attack protection. Web load balancers accept this traffic in public subnets, which forward to EC2 instances running IIS in private subnets. These instances communicate with middleware running on EC2 instances, which in turn communicate with a database tier. All components are highly available and make use of AWS native technologies for resilience and scaling.

Due to the nature of the migration the cut over to the new organ matching system was handled in a 'big bang‘ approach. As such, a large amount of system integration testing was conducted prior to release, and Datacom’s outlined migration methodology was demonstrable to Blood Services as safely executing on this critical service.

"OrganMatch will be a vital addition to Australia’s donation and transplantation system. It will facilitate optimal matching of donor organs to transplant recipients and maximise equity of access and enhanced clinical outcomes for transplants in Australia."

The Hon Ken Wyatt AM,
MP Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care and Indigenous Health

Meeting the urgent needs of the present

After show-casing its passion to help Australian patients in need of an organ transplant, Datacom worked hard for over three years to devise a suitable platform for both patients and clinicians. Tangible KPI’s aligned to both Organisation and Business outcomes were developed by Datacom measuring improved service to users and adoption rates.

Using vital feedback from the Commonwealth Government, Organ Transplant Authority, the State Transplantation laboratories, Blood Services Australia, Donate Life, scientist SMEs and the clinical sector, Datacom created a system to meet the urgent needs of the present, and one that could be scaled up to meet the needs of the future too.

A world-first, OrganMatch is now live and currently helping patients across Australia who need an organ transplant.

By building a flexible, scalable and configurable platform, OrganMatch’s creation has put the power back into the hands of the Blood Service. The organisation can now keep pace with medical advancements over the next 60 years.

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